The origin of Bambody is simple...

Protective underwear should be affordable.

Simple, right?

We thought so, which is why we created Bambody.

And it’s why we will continue to seek to improve our range and release new styles that are not only affordable, but also high quality.

We’re a small team – and we’re dedicated to helping you.

So, if you ever need any assistance, or if you’d like to offer a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.

Please find answers to the following commonly asked questions:

Size Chart

Please refer to our Size Chart - remember to measure your hips at the widest part.

Care Instructions


With proper care, many of our customers report that Bambody underwear can last well over 12 months.

Customers who choose to replace their underwear more often, generally do so as a "peace of mind" measure, given that the underwear is a hygiene item.


The first and most important thing to do is make sure that the underwear doesn’t dry out. Try to soak, or at least rinse, them soon after wearing.

Machine washing is fine.

Regular detergent can be used with warm water, but not too hot, as it will damage the waistband and fabric.

If you experience hard to remove stains, rub the affected area with regular soap and soak before washing

Any odour that may arise can be eliminated with a scoop of baking soda in a bucket of water and soak for a few hours before washing. You can also add vinegar at 2 cups per gallon (4 litres) and soak for 30 minutes.

Please don’t use bleach.

Fabric softener is okay, but slightly reduces the absorbency of the absorbent layer.

It is best not to tumble dry – we recommend that you do not do this. However, if you have a dryer that can be set to a low temperature, it is possible to tumble dry without the risk of shrinking.

Ideally, line dry if you can.

Wholesale and Distribution

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any wholesale or distribution arrangements at this time.



We will only consider donations if you can prove that you are one of the following:

1. A representative of a registered charity

2. A school nurse or teacher, and seek a donation for educational purposes.

3. A representative of a girls' or womens' group (such as the Girl Guides) and seek a donation for educational purposes

Please note:

We are a very small business and while we would love to help, our policy for large, outright donations or substantial discounts is strictly limited to registered charities that operate in developing / third world countries.

Gift Card Balance

Please find your gift card balance here

Returns and Refunds

If you wish to apply for a refund or return, please see the Returns and Refunds Policy for further information.

If you have purchased from Amazon, please apply for a refund through your Amazon account.

Crash Testers

Please use the form below and provide the transaction ID of your purchase.

International Shipping

We can currently only ship within the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and Russia. If you would like to purchase outside of these countries, please buy directly from your closest Amazon marketplace

Contact Form

If you wish to apply for a refund or return, please contact us on the Refunds and Returns page

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