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Can I Exercise When on My Period?

During my school days, I’d make sure I sat the PE class out once a month. “It’s my period,” was all I had to say, and the teacher duly noted it in her book to make sure it didn’t happen more often than monthly. The truth is, I hated PE (and wasn’t too keen on […]

All You Need to Know About Pregnancy Discharge

When you get pregnant, your body starts changing. Many women quickly notice a new type of vaginal discharge, which is usually thin, white, milky, and has a mild (or no) odour. This discharge—medically referred to as leukorrhea—is nothing to worry about. Although you might find it a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient (it can make a […]

What are the Most Common Menstrual Problems?

If you’re one of the lucky few, your periods cause little inconvenience and are a textbook example of a 28-day cycle. For many women, however, “that time of the month” doesn’t always go like clockwork. Cycle irregularities and period-related difficulties are not uncommon. In fact, very likely you’ll experience uncomfortable symptoms either before or during […]