Maasai Underwear


For every pair of our Maasai period undies purchased, we’ll donate a pair to girls in Tanzania or Kenya, thanks to The Maasai Water Project.

Inspired by the vibrant colors and geometric patterns popular
amongst the Maasai people, this underwear will be available as
part of our ‘buy a pair, give a pair’ initiative for
The Maasai Water Project.

The Bambody “Maasai Undies” will be available the Absorbent Panty, Midi Brief and Absorbent Hipster styles

When Will the Maasai Underwear be Available?

The first production run of Maasai undies will be available in May. Be one of the first to sign up and be notified when the underwear is ready to buy!

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maasai underwear

What is The Maasai Water Project?

The Maasai Water Project is an organization working in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya to improve access to safe water, food, healthcare, education and economic opportunity, while protecting and preserving the culture of the local communities.

How did Bambody become involved?

In 2020, The Maasai Water Project contacted us, and told us about the significant stigma surrounding periods in the communities they assist. Maasai girls often don’t have access to safe and affordable menstrual products. This means they can miss up to 25% of their schooling, due to not being able to attend when they have their period. As disposable products are not really a feasible solution in this part of the world, we knew we could do something to help by donating 1,000 pairs of our period protection underwear, which we did in late 2020. But we wanted to do more. So, we got to work designing our range of Maasai undies. We’re proud of our commitment to the Maasai Water Project, and we’d love to invite you to be part of this cause. Please sign up today and we’ll let you know as soon as the underwear is available.

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