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Absorbent Hipster

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When you need extra back-up, or suffer irregular, heavy periods, the Absorbent Hipster will give you greater peace of mind. Just like its leak proof sister, this absorbent style has full front-to-rear leak proof coverage, as well as an absorbent mid-section that can hold up to 2 x tampons worth of fluid.

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  • Silky smooth bamboo fabric – feels like a second skin
  • Absorbent mid-section holds up to 2 x tampons worth of fluid
  • Cool and breathable – wicks away sweat 400% faster than cotton
  • The 5% spandex blend gives a nice stretch
  • Strong waistband ideal for the active woman

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1 x Black, 3 x Black, 3 Pack (Pink-Blue-Turquoise)

3 reviews for Absorbent Hipster

  1. Millie

    These are totally awesome. I was highly skeptical at first, thinking they would be uncomfortable, feel wet, leak, smell weird, etc. But I figured that for $15 I could give them a shot. The first thing I noticed was the lack of bulk. I was impressed with how cute these are. Next thing I noticed was the quality: they fit perfectly, feel lovely on my skin, and don’t ride up! I decided to go all in and wear these with no additional protection on the first day of my period (heavy flow day). I was blown away! They absorbed every bit of blood, and they were comfortable the whole time. They felt a bit cold after going to the bathroom and pulling them back up, but that wasn’t too bad. That was the only minor drawback. They felt great, absolutely no leaks, rinse easily, are comfortable, and are cute! I am buying more as soon as they are back in stock!

  2. Taryn

    I love these. I didnt trust them at first but recieved them as a gift from my sister so I gave them a shot. They’re very comfortable and dont feel at all like diapers which is what I was worried about. They dont leak or feel wet. I love that I can use them without any extra products and they dont leak. They doing look gross like pads do and aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as other products. They really hold up each month and I love them. I’m buying more because they have to line dry and I like to wear them every day of my period. Highly recommend.

  3. SM

    Love love love! I use these as “backup” with a menstruatal cup, as well as on some other days where I might need some absorbing products. There’s no bulk, they sit nicely all day (no band rolling or wedgies) and wash really well (I air-dry as suggested) highly recommend!

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