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Tulip Menstrual Cups


Get total period protection with a super soft cup that’s quick to insert and remove.

Inside this cute satin bag you’ll find:

  1. a convenient, snap lock container for storage.
  2. a set of 2 cups: Small and Large

They’re made from medical grade silicone and will last at least 15 years!

So, you can now save money with an eco-friendly alternative to expensive sanitary wear.

AND when you combine with Bambody period protection underwear, you’ll get the BEST protection available.

Here’s how:

The cup will contain most of a discharge, while the underwear catches anything that gets past the cup.

You’ll never have to endure that dry, uncomfortable feeling you get from a tampon.

What’s more, once you’ve inserted the cup, you will barely even notice it.

Brighten your day with these vibrant tulip cups 🙂

And if you need any assistance, please send us a message and we’ll promptly assist you

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