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Bambody Refunds and Returns Policy

Thanks for placing your trust in us and making a purchase from Bambody.

While we strive to ensure that the quality of our underwear is of the highest standard, it is ultimately your satisfaction that is of most importance.

Refunds fall under 3 categories: Faulty Items, Change of Mind and Clearance Items.


If you have received damaged, incomplete or faulty items, please let us know and we will send you replacement items. If the underwear is damaged after washing, please contact us and we’ll organize a replacement.

Photos of damaged/faulty items would be helpful for us, but we won’t insist that you supply any images.


If you find that the sizing is incorrect, or the underwear is simply not up to your expectations, please contact us and we will help you.

To note, we are very generous in our refund policy when it comes sizing – so generous that we are very reluctant to publish or make public what we do.

That said, we can confirm that for first purchase items, we will offer you a no questions asked refund or exchange at no extra cost to you.

If, on your second purchase, of the same product, you still are not happy with the purchase, we will offer you a discount code that is equivalent to 50% of the purchase price.

We will not accept requests for refunds as a result of a “Change of Mind” after the second purchase of the same product.

(When it comes to “Change of Mind,” you will see that most underwear companies will either not accept returns, or will only offer a small discount on your next order).


If an item has been purchased where its product title has been modified to include the words “Clearance Sale (no returns),” this product will not be eligible for a return.


If you are reading this before making a purchase and are still unsure of whether you should slip into Bambody, contact us and we’ll make it very easy…

So, simply contact us and we will gladly assist.


We must state that given the nature of our refunds and returns policy, we will ban accounts that take undue or excessive advantage of our generosity. We reserve the right to choose who we do business with, so please consider this if you seek to make excessive refund requests.


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