Why Period Panties?

If a woman were to spend a lifetime using disposable sanitary items, she’d go through approximately 11,000 tampons and pads.

Wow, that's a lot of money... and landfill!

But it's not to say that disposable sanitary wear shouldn't have a place in your 'period protection arsenal.'

Because some women see period panties as a great addition to their current period protection regime.

Yet there are others who have ditched 'old fashioned' disposables for good.

It's really up to you. 

So, try them on, take them for a spin!

And you'll soon see why thousands of women call Bambody period panties a 'total game-changer!'


What are Period Panties?

Bambody period panties fall into 2 basic categories: Leak Proof and Absorbent.

Consider the differences between the following hipsters. The Leak Proof Hipster on the left has a front to rear leak proof layer, which sits between the outer ‘shell’ of the underwear and an inner bamboo fabric lining.

The Absorbent Hipster on the right has the same leak proof layer, with an additional absorbent layer that sits directly under the crotch:

Guide SP8131 image
Guide SP8133 image

The Leak Proof style offers a  minimal level of protection, where the only absorbency is offered by the inner lining.

The Absorbent style has a layer of gauze that can comfortably contain 30mls (2 x tampons) worth of fluid

Guide lp layers
Guide ab layer

Leak Proof or Absorbent...

"What's best for me?" 

guide model x 2 lp and ab

Here are the most common reasons for why you may choose one, or both styles:

Leak Proof

  1. You'd like some extra peace of mind when it’s not that time.
  2. You experience irregular, light spotting
  3. You'd like some back-up to a tampon or a cup


  1. You experience heavy, irregular periods and you’d rather not constantly wear sanitary items
  2. You expect your period and prefer to use the absorbent style with or without extra sanitary wear
  3. You want to work-out or play sport without sanitary wear
  4. You'd like to wear a pair as pyjama bottoms so that you don’t wake up with stained sheets

How do I start with period panties?

So, if you are new to period panties, we highly suggest that you firstly consider them as ‘back-up’ to your existing sanitary regime.

And why?

Because it’s essential that you understand how far you can ‘push’ the undies before you wear them alone.

This is especially true when you experience heavy periods, because even with the absorbent style, you run the risk of completely saturating the protective layers, thereby increasing the chances of leakage.

Also, you’ll need to be aware of the hygiene implications of wearing period panties: it’s a good idea to change the undies during the day, particularly if they start to feel ‘wet.’

Do the color or nude panties show stains?

Bambody Leakproof Bikini-Render-4 Layers-Cream-2


The inside layer of the coloured styles is black, as can be seen by the cross section of the nude Absorbent Panty style to the left.

You will only experience a stain showing if you completely saturate the underwear, and fluid starts to carry across the leak proof layer and seep through the seams.

Just remember that you should feel dry, and if you experience a prolonged dampness, then it is best to change into a fresh pair.

What are the care instructions?

The first and most important thing to do is make sure that the underwear doesn’t dry out. Try to soak, or at least rinse, them soon after wearing.

Machine washing is fine.

Regular detergent can be used with warm water, but not too hot, as it will damage the waistband and fabric.

If you experience hard to remove stains, rub the affected area with regular soap and soak before washing

Any odour that may arise can be eliminated with a scoop of baking soda in a bucket of water and soak for a few hours before washing. You can also add vinegar at 2 cups per gallon (4 litres) and soak for 30 minutes.

Please don’t use bleach.

Fabric softener is okay, but slightly reduces the absorbency of the absorbent layer.

It is best not to tumble dry – we recommend that you do not do this. However, if you have a dryer that can be set to a low temperature, it is possible to tumble dry without the risk of shrinking.

Ideally, line dry if you can.

How and why do other girls wear period panties?

Reading customer reviews is a great way to see how and why other girls and women wear period panties... we learn something new everyday!

The following quotes were taken from our underwear reviews on Amazon USA, and give just 3 examples as to why period panties may benefit you:

school girl

Kayla has only just started to experience her menses, and wears a pair of the absorbent hipster every day she expects a discharge, and the leak proof hipster on every other day.


Before wearing Bambody, I used to ask my Mom for a ‘buddy check’ when she dropped me off at school… now I feel a lot more confident in class and playing sports.”

Joey was determined to find a replacement for a tampon because it caused constant irritation while she worked – so she decided to try the Absorbent Panty.


“I don’t like pads, so I gave period panties a go… I take an extra pair with me to work so that I can stay dry all day.”

baby and mum
mat pic

When Karen was pregnant, she needed something to give her ‘pee protection,’ and found that the Bambody Absorbent Bikini was perfect.

“I wore them when I was pregnant, but it was after giving birth that I really needed them… I highly recommend as post-partum undies!”

What's the "Cup and Saucer" Method of Period Protection?

Okay, now here's for some period protection your mother most definitely never told you about:

Menstrual cups.

They're so new to the period protection world that most women "kinda know about 'em, but haven't yet tried..."

So, you'd definitely be doing yourself a MASSIVE favor if you give them a go.

Because - at the very least - you'll see why menstrual cups are the only reliable period protection for swimming - nothing is better! Not even our beloved period panties 🙂

You see, menstrual cups contain a discharge in a 15-25ml cup, which you remove when you go to the loo.

And yes, there is a bit of an 'oh-so-ikky' factor, but if you want complete and comfortable protection, you should try them out and see for yourself.

They're even better when you combine with a pair of period panties, because while the cup will collect most of a discharge, the period panties can 'catch' anything that gets past... much like a how a saucer is to a cup!

COMBO concept image
Coffee pouring into a white cup isolated against a plain white background, splashing in all directions creating a mess

Are period panties odour-proof?

They will remain odour-free if they are washed correctly, and if they are changed when they start to feel “wet” during the day.

Please see our care instructions for how to eliminate odours.

What are the undies made from?

The fabric body of the underwear is made from predominantly bamboo, with cotton and spandex for structure and stretch.

The central leak proof gusset is a bamboo fabric that is polylaminated, which is then covered by a second layer of bamboo fabric.

The absorbent styles have a central crotch section that is made from polyester (80%) and nylon (20%).

The hipster waistband is made from nylon (52%), rubber latex (30%), and polyester (18%).

Are period panties hot to wear?

With the extra layers of fabric, the underwear is warmer to wear than regular underwear.

Bamboo fabric is more breathable than polyester and cotton, which is why Bambody underwear is cooler than other brands of period protection underwear.

Do Bambody period panties make a rustling noise?

No. The underwear will not make any noises as you walk or move around.

Do the undies contain PFAS?

No. We routinely test our underwear to ensure they don’t contain any toxic chemicals, including those within the PFAS family.

Do the undies contain silver particles?

No. Silver is toxic, so we would never use silver particles or threads in our fabric.

Can Bambody period panties be worn for swimming?

Period protection while swimming is best achieved through the use of a menstrual cup.

A menstrual cup will contain a discharge up to 25 mls.

A tampon while swimming is not only uncomfortable, but it isn’t all that effective.

You can wear period panties, but as soon as they are saturated with water, their ability to absorb any discharge is significantly decreased.

You can see the Bambody menstrual cup here.

Can period panties be used for incontinence?

Yes. Period panties can be used for incontinence. While they do not have the same protective nature as a diaper, period panties basically feel like regular underwear.

When selecting the right style for you, it is best that you choose an absorbent style rather than a leak proof style.

You may experience incontinence due to an injury, ill health, ageing or disability. The absorbent style will give you peace of mind knowing that you will have extra protection.

If you are pregnant, you may find that even the slightest sneeze may cause a small amount of urine to suddenly leak – an absorbent style like the Absorbent Panty is a favourite amongst pregnant women.

Can period panties replace pads?

Yes. Many of our customers use our period panties to replace pads.

However, please note that hygiene is very important.

Because if you expect a high discharge, it is best to consider the use of sanitary wear.

We highly recommend that – especially if you are unfamiliar with period panties – that you use a tampon or a menstrual cup and consider the underwear as “back-up” until you are confident to use the underwear alone.

Are period panties re-usable?

Yes, absolutely! Bambody period panties are designed to be re-used like regular underwear.

Washing, or at least soaking or rinsing, directly after wearing will ensure that you will get a long life out of Bambody period undies

Are period panties safe?


Please ensure that you follow the care instructions, as hygiene is the most important thing to consider when caring for period panties.

If left to dry after wearing, they will become much harder to wash, especially the absorbent style.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Do period panties make a panty line?

Yes. To make an effective period protective style of underwear, we cannot make a “thong” style.

Do period panties require additional inserts?

No. There is nothing that you will require to insert into the underwear.

Period panties are designed with a built-in leak proof and/or absorbent layer.

What is your refund and return policy?

If the underwear isn't the perfect fit, or wasn't exactly as you had hoped, please let us know.

We're very keen to work with you to get the right fit, or the right style for you, so please be assured that you will be looked after when you send us a message.

If you'd like to know the "nitty-gritty" of our policy, please see our Refunds and Returns page.

Where is the underwear designed and produced?

Bambody is designed in Australia and made in China.

We chose bamboo as the primary source of our material, and China is the only place in the world where you can source yarns made with bamboo.

The bamboo is grown without irrigation, and no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are required.

We source our fabric from a mill that is in Shenzhen, which is about 300 km from the bamboo plantation. Our factory based in the same city, and it currently produces all our underwear.

And yes - our workers are treated very well. They are paid the award wage, the working conditions are respectable and very comfortable, and they are given 2 month's holiday over the Chinese New Year - 1 month more than most businesses in China - because we have found that offering a generous holiday allowance is one of the best ways to retain our highly skilled staff.

Does Bambody support any charities?

Girls in impoverished countries simply don't attend school during their period, so they miss about 25% of their school life.

We'd like to help change this, so we are currently currently working with 2 charities that have community support and welfare programs in Tanzania and Cambodia:

Cambodia - Restore One

Tanzania - The Maasai Water Project

The first donation of 1,000 pairs of undies arrived in Cambodia in October 2020, and the girls were excited to be able to attend their new school with added confidence of Bambody underwear.


Maasai undies... how do we plan to help destigmatize periods?

When the Maasai Water Project contacted us, they told us that there is a significant stigma surrounding periods in the communities they assist.

We suggested that we could not only provide free period protection underwear, but also make the underwear with a pattern that fits with their artistic culture.

The first 1,000 pairs of the following design will arrive in Tanzania in May 2021...


The design is inspired by the Maasai love of brightly coloured, geometric patterns as can be seen by the following image:


Want to get a pair and help support the Maasai Water Project?

We aim to increase our assistance to the Maasai Water Project with a “one for one” deal whereby we will guarantee that a pair of period protection undies will be donated to a girl in either Tanzania or Kenya.

The plan is to sell the Maasai undies for $19.90 – and with every purchase you make, a pair will be donated.

The donations will be verified by the Maasai Water Project should you wish to enquire further.

And we will also help assist them by selling some (really cool!) Maasai made jewellery – and 100% of the proceeds will be returned to them.

Please note:

Most of the first production run of the Maasai style undies will go to Africa, so there will be (initially) a very limited amount available for sale.

If you would like to be the first to know when this design is available, please follow us on Facebook...

...and we'll make a post when the underwear is available 🙂

Please feel free to contact any time!

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