How To Choose Period Protection That Works For You

Being a girl in high school is hard enough. We already have to deal with the stress of figuring out what to do in life. We are trying to live in harmony with our parental units, who don’t seem to understand we’re no longer kids anymore. And we’re discovering hard truths like the fact our […]

pregnant woman

What Are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

Could you be pregnant? Some women know right away. Others might suspect it but aren’t sure yet. The first thing many women notice is a missed period. However, for women with an irregular menstrual cycle, a missed period is not a reliable sign. There are other early signs of pregnancy you can be on the […]

When Am I Most Fertile?

This might be one of the most commonly asked questions related to sex and women’s health. One of the more important ones too. Whether you want to conceive or prevent a pregnancy, it’s vital to know your body and how it works. There are several things considering fertility that many women are not aware of. […]

The Menstrual Cycle Explained

The purpose of each 28-day menstrual cycle is to get you physically ready for a potential pregnancy. Your body goes through massive changes that might affect you in different ways. Every woman’s body is different and her cycle unique. Therefore, it’s important to know yours so you can detect anything that could be out of […]

The Best Exercises When You’re on Your Period

We’ve already established that you shouldn’t skip exercise when you have your period (check out the previous blog). Let’s now have a look at the types of exercises that are best for you during your menstruation. Exercises to Do Most experts suggest doing aerobic exercise, also known as cardiovascular exercise, when on your period. You’ve […]

5 Ways to Relieve Period Pain

I’ve had painful periods ever since I was a teenager. Menstrual pain—scientifically referred to as dysmenorrhea—is experienced by up to 95% of women. Like most women, I’ve tried different remedies; some attempts more successful than others. Currently, I swear by chamomile tea and a hot water bottle. For me, the combination has a soothing effect […]

Adenomyosis: A Hidden Condition that Can Change Your Life

You’ve probably heard of endometriosis. But did you know it has an evil twin sister? Adenomyosis is often found in women who also have endometriosis. However, this is a different condition and requires different treatment. About one-third of women with adenomyosis have no symptoms. Others experience heavy, irregular, painful periods, and pre-menstrual bloating and discomfort. […]

Does Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Exist?

“Of course it does” you say. Now, let me confess that I often experience pre-menstrual turbulence… …that fails all logical explanations. I can start crying if somebody just looks at me the wrong way. Grumpy? Hell yeah, my boyfriend has a little suitcase packed by the door just in case he has to run for […]

Can I Exercise When on My Period?

During my school days, I’d make sure I sat the PE class out once a month. “It’s my period,” was all I had to say, and the teacher duly noted it in her book to make sure it didn’t happen more often than monthly. The truth is, I hated PE (and wasn’t too keen on […]

All You Need to Know About Pregnancy Discharge

When you get pregnant, your body starts changing. Many women quickly notice a new type of vaginal discharge, which is usually thin, white, milky, and has a mild (or no) odour. This discharge—medically referred to as leukorrhea—is nothing to worry about. Although you might find it a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient (it can make a […]