How To Choose Period Protection That Works For You

Being a girl in high school is hard enough. We already have to deal with the stress of figuring out what to do in life. We are trying to live in harmony with our parental units, who don’t seem to understand we’re no longer kids anymore.

And we’re discovering hard truths like the fact our crush, Cody Simpson, is probably not going to come back from LA and attend our year 10 formal. Damn that Miley Cyrus and fame and fortune. The last thing we need to freak out about is our periods and ensuring there aren’t any, ahem, uncomfortable leakages during that time of the month.

We’re well aware by now, we are the superior gender. Men are simply are not tough enough to deal with periods. And the cramps, bloating, breakouts and mood swings that come with them. Joking ( Or am I?). Either way, periods aren’t walk in the park.

Our bodies are doing shit crazy things, and most of this is all pretty new. We get that we’re growing into young women and all that. That’s fantastic, but please just pass the tissues and the chocolate and send me Youtube videos of rescue dogs being adopted. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

The great thing about getting a period these days is we have options. It’s no longer just about a heavy pad that makes you feel like you’re wearing a nappy. Or tampons we might not feel confident enough to use just yet. Depending on your cycle, and if you have a lighter period or it’s towards the end, you might feel more confident in regular underwear. Well, almost regular underwear. 

Leak-proof period undies are now a thing and thank baby Jesus. For those of us who feel uncomfortable with other options, it discreetly gives as period protection. They’re like regular underwear just with a bit of extra help.

Our Bambody options don’t have an absorbent layer, so there’s no bulkiness. You can feel confident if you’re chilling with a friend, or even catching up with THAT boy, you’re protected from light periods or irregular spotting, or an earlier period you weren’t expecting.

Our leakproof layer extends fully from front to rear, so you have protection for both day and nightwear. If you sleep on your back or your front, the extended coverage will allow you to rest with greater comfort, and perhaps without uncomfortable pads.

You can use them in conjunction with tampons or pads if it gives you more confidence as well. Our super comfortable leak-free underwear has always got your back, just like your school bestie. 

What Period Protection Is Right For You?

Each teenage girl’s period is as individual as they are and that’s cool. We’re perfect the way we are, the as great Lady Gaga once said: “we were born this way, baby!” It’s all about finding something that works for you and different period protection could work better for different times in your cycle. But these are some of the times that our leak-proof underwear might be the best choice.

You Haven’t Had Your First Period

You may not have had your first period yet, but something’s going on. Your little brother’s antics are even more annoying than normal. Your skin’s decided to break out, right before the yearly school photos. Your body just feels different.

Wearing leak-proof underwear can give you the peace of mind you need to wear those cute little white shorts you just bought, without having to worry. That way if that first period is to come, no matter where you are and what you are doing, you’ll be 100% protected.

You Get Very Light Periods

If you’re one of the chosen ones and only ever get light periods, then firstly, I have questions. Like did you a) have to sell your soul to the devil? Or b) were you Mother Theresa in a previous life? Anyway, we digress. If you are lucky enough to get very light periods during your whole cycle, then our leak-free protective underwear is perfect for you.

As the world’s most comfortable protective underwear, you can rest assured you’ll be comfortable and incident-free when you’re wearing a pair of our briefs. 

Your Period Is Being Trash And Never Arrives When Expected Time 

If your period is as trash as the boys in my life, and never shows up when expected or on time. Then wearing our leak-proof underwear, can ensure there are no nasty surprises in the mean-time. It’s perfect for when you start crying about something one day, but then in the next few days your period arrives, so you know you ain’t no weak arse b*tch. And you’re wearing our undies, you know there won’t be any leakages either. 

You get Irregular Spotting

As if menstruating once a month isn’t punishment enough, spotting irregularly as well during this time, can really up the anty on the suckiness of being a girl. Like, is it even safe to sneeze right now?

Instead of wearing limiting pads or having to use a tampon when it’s only a little bit of blood, our protection underwear is perfect for you. You’ll be able to go about your regular day with the confidence of a Kardashian spruiking a product on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, periods are a fact of life. Despite all attempts to cancel my subscription, they don’t seem to be going anywhere. But even though cramps, mood swings, weird cravings and bloating may be unavoidable, picking period protection that works perfectly for you, isn’t.

With more choices like our leak-free protection underwear you have more freedom to find a solution that just works. That way you can worry less about periods, and get on with living your best life in your teenage years.