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All The Underwear Trends Over The Years

If your underwear drawer is full of pieces that barely covers your bikini line, here’s a fun fact: Underwear used to reached above one’s knees! Just for sh*ts giggles, lets travel back to the 1800s and explore the evolution of women’s lingerie and underwear trends through the years.

Underwear Trends Starting With The 1800’s;

The 1800s

The 1800s were for different types of corsets. It was all about creating those curves and looking prim and proper while squeezing the daylights out of your body! Because what women need to breathe, anyway? The 1820s were for long-line corsets. Then by the 1850s the trend was for hourglass corsets. Imagine exactly how tight the corset was to get that hourglass waist!

By the time the 1860s rolled by, the corsets were replaced by steel cages (crinoline). Yes, you read that right, steel cages! The cages formed a wide circle around the woman’s waist and were draped with a layer or two of petticoats before the final clothes were worn. Walking may have been a pain while dragging around the cage and full skirts, but even worse! Imagine trying to sit comfortably in one of those bad boys!

In the 1880s, the crinolines were discarded for corsets with skirt supporters. Frilly bloomers made an entrance in the 1890s before being replaced by battery-powered corsets. Still, in the 1890s, corsets were favoured, with a wasp waist cinch leading the way at one point. 

The 1900s

The corset made its way back to the 1900s but with slight variations. Instead of focusing on the waist, for example, the focus went to the bust area. The corsets were designed to push the bust forward as much as possible, so the breast looked as possible. Holy Mc’Boobies!

The 1920s

Underwear trends changed in the The 1920s. They were for boyish underwear with the entrance of the cami knickers. This full-body underwear styles were loose and shapeless. The 1920s also brought in the flimsy slips and brassieres in addition to petticoats and slips. Corsets were still worn but they were not as popular as in the 1800s and 1900s. Sometimes thrown in was a pair of stockings that reached just below the knees. 

The 1930s

The 1930s brought underwear styles as we know them today. The boyish underwear of the ‘20s paved way for the sexy underwear of the ‘30s. Women donned simple nylon and cotton panties. They were shorter and more fitted to the wearer’s body. Sexy two-piece lingerie, complete with a matching robe was also starting to make waves

The 1930s woman needed to be free to move and work outside her home and so the underwear had to be as simple and comfortable as possible. 

Girdles with stockings also made an appearance in the 1930s and continued well into the 1950s. Bras also came into the picture.

The 1940s

The 1940s woman donned strapless wire bras, underwire bras, bullet bras, and stick-on bras. Technically speaking, bras were present in the 1930s, but they were more widely embraced in the 1940s.  In 1947, Christian Dior introduced the full-skirt with a nipped waist outfit. The late 1940s saw the widespread popularity of the bullet bras. It was all about the perky nipple.

The 1950S

The 1950s woman wholly embraced our sexuality. The 1950s brought in the tiered petticoats, which gave women a sexy edge with peaking lace under outfits. Sexy sleepwear with a dash of ruffle also made an appearance in the ‘50s.

Forget about the push-up bra of today or surgically enhanced boobs, in 1952, there were bra bags! All the wearer had to do was to blow into a connected tube until their desired level of enhancement was arrived at! I mean, it’s better than those chicken fillets things or tissues down the front I guess?

Still, on the sexy ‘50s woman, seamless nylon stockings carried the day if you wanted to pass for a well-dressed woman. And if you were not blessed with a “healthy” behind, padded underwear was made available. That’s an underwear trend my flat butt can get behind! Hahaha. Get it? Ok. I’ll stop.

The 1960s

Well, things got weird in the The 1960s. Woman had enough of bras! Boob liberation was the order of the day, with many opting to burn their bras in rebellion. The ‘60s lingerie was fun and girlie, complete with ruffles, frills, and bows.

The 1970s

The 1970s woman grew up and left the ‘60s girl behind. She left the ruffles and frills for a sleek, sexy, mature look. The ‘70s also saw the entrance of the “nipple” bra which gave the illusion of one’s breasts being naked under the bra thanks to the erect nipples on it. 

Towards the end of the ‘70s, lingerie got a more sultry colour and it got bolder and more provocative. Picture “nude” lingerie with black decorative lace at the borders in this case. 

The 1980s

The 1980s woman wished to tap into her feathery side. Feather boas over sexy lingerie were the “in” thing. The thongs and g-strings also made a tentative entrance.


The 1990s woman found pleasure in showing off her underwear to the world. Underwear was visible as part of the outfit worn out in the public. Thongs were tending in the ‘90s.

2000- 2020 – Underwear Trends To Today

The 2000-2020s woman has had a vast change in underwear. She has gone from spaghetti straps bras to thongs and matching underwear sets. She has also worn the pushup bra, high wasted underwear, and extra strappy bras.

She has chosen to go underwear free in her bodycon dress and she has also worn the comfortable, stylish granny panty. She has embraced the spanks and body shapers to get those sleek curves. She has gone for the fake “bums” and “hips” to get that curvy figure plus so much more. She has and is still exploring her underwear options.

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