underwear trends

All The Underwear Trends Over The Years

If your underwear drawer is full of pieces that barely covers your bikini line, here’s a fun fact: Underwear used to reached above one’s knees! Just for sh*ts giggles, lets travel back to the 1800s and explore the evolution of women’s lingerie and underwear trends through the years. Underwear Trends Starting With The 1800’s; The […]

incontinence after childbirth

Incontinence After Childbirth

You have just welcomed your bundle of joy into the world. You are done pampering him/her for the day and you decide to catch up on some movies, read a book, or entertain some friends. Something funny makes you laugh and oh no. It happened. The Thing. You pee all over yourself! “Give birth” they […]

Exercise during period

All the Medical Benefits of Exercising While On Your Period

Mood swings, sore breasts, bloating, pimples, cramps, fatigue, and restlessness are some of the fun things you can look forward to on your period. The menstrual cycle is pure torture for some and a mere nuisance for others. If you are having mood swings and feeling fatigued with a bloated belly, the last thing on […]

Why Choose Period Underwear?

If you have a light to medium period, leak-free underwear can be one of your best choices for protection. Times are changing and heavy uncomfortable pads – or tampons that need to be inserted – are no longer the only options. Period protection underwear is changing the way we view our monthly visit from the […]

toxic shock syndrome

What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

As a woman who’s hit puberty, you’ve likely heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome. You may have read up and researched it in detail. Toxic shock syndrome is a rare, but potentially fatal condition caused by the release of toxins found in an overgrowth of bacterias like Staphylococcus aureus, clostridium sordelli or streptococcus pyogenes. These bacterias occur […]

weird things that happen during our period

Other Weird Things That Happen During Our Period

Periods, hey. What a blast. For most women from puberty onwards, we receive a regular visit from our monthly guest. Although these days there are lot more options for period-protection to help us feel more comfortable during this time, like our leak-free period underwear. I doubt many women will say they look forward to menstruating. […]

breaking the stigma of periods

Breaking The Stigma Of Periods in 2020.

It’s 2020. Marriage equality in Australia has long been a thing because love is love. For the most part, there is no longer stigma and people are accepting of other’s choices whether it’s identifying as homosexual, transgender, non-binary gender or anything else. We have open conversations from anything from how the female orgasm works, to […]

best exercises to do during your period

The Best Exercises To Do During Your Period!

It’s that time. It’s shark week. Whilst you probably want to curl up in bed with a family box of chocolate to watch Sex And The City re-runs, did you know that leaving the house and getting some exercise, can reduce your symptoms and help you feel much better instead? And that staying sedentary and […]

self-care period tips

Treat-Yo-Self ! The Best Self-Care Period Tips For When Aunt Flo Comes For A Visit.

Ah, periods! What a blast. If it’s not bad enough we are literally bleeding out of our vaginas every single month, for days on end. Getting a visit from Aunt Flo often comes with fun side effects like breast soreness, aching muscles, bloating, headaches, low energy, abdominal cramps and more. We’re hormonal and emotional. We’re […]

Brief History Of Periods

A Brief History Of Periods

Periods for most women are a fact of life. Whether you get your first one at 12 or 20, you’ll likely have regular periods till menopause. Whether we like it or not, our bodies start to do weird stuff to prepare for babies, and we’re simply passengers along for the ride. Even if we have […]