weird things that happen during our period

Other Weird Things That Happen During Our Period

Periods, hey. What a blast. For most women from puberty onwards, we receive a regular visit from our monthly guest. Although these days there are lot more options for period-protection to help us feel more comfortable during this time, like our leak-free period underwear. I doubt many women will say they look forward to menstruating. There are many things we’d rather be doing instead, like anything else but menstruating. 

If it’s not bad enough we literally bleed blood from our vaginas every month ( like hello? Actual blood just pours out of our body, no big deal). Did you know a whole lot of other weird stuff also occurs to our bodies when we’re riding the crimson flow? So while we’re already in pain, bleeding and feeling uncomfortable, our bodies are like. ” Let’s throw in a heap of other stuff in the mix to see just how much you can handle. Lol!”

So what else do we have to deal with? Well, lots.

Here Are The Other Weird Things That Happen During Our Period.

Our Pooping Changes

To add to all the fun things happening in your stomach already, it’s likely you’ll face mild constipation several days before your period. Then looser stools at the start. According to Popular Science, This occurs to due normal controlled inflammation;

“The answer is prostaglandins. These are the chemical signals girls’ and women’s bodies make and send to the uterus to tell it to contract, thus expelling the uterine lining at the end of the menstrual cycle. Prostaglandins aren’t super picky about whom they talk to, however. If the body sends enough of them to the uterus, some stray prostaglandins will make it over to the bowel, which is located nearby. There, they also tell the bowel to contract, thus expelling…. you know.”

You’re More Tired During Your Period

The fact that we’re even more exhausted during our period has a logical and scientific reason #sciencebitch

 Dr. Molly O’Shea, explains;

“In the 10 days or so before your period, your body is geared up in the hopes that the egg you sent down the old fallopian tube met some sperm there and landed in a plush uterus ready to grow a baby,” she explained.

“When your uterine lining isn’t invaded by a fertilised egg, the hormones sustaining the environment aren’t needed anymore and the hormone levels plummet. When this happens, your body goes from high alert to nothing hormonally and that shift causes other changes too and all of those changes are exhausting. Until your hormone levels increase again, you are really tired.”

Once again, we seem to be getting punished for not creating a, baby and I’m not saying life’s meant to be fair, but COME ON!!!!!!!!

Extreme Bloating 

We might not be creating a baby in our body during our period, but ironically, sometimes we look like we are thanks to extreme bloating. You’d think this is just our hormones, hormoning. Or water retention and increased blood flow as our abdomen swells. But it could also be a combination of “gut dysfunction leading to an exaggerated inflammatory response.” It’s like the rest of our stomach gets jealous by all the period changes, and jumps on board too for shits and giggles.

You’re More Sensitive To Pain During Your Period

During or right before our periods, women are often more sensitive to pain, everywhere. Yep, not just your abdomen, but every single body part. This is because pain is caused by the lowering of your estrogen levels right before your period starts, and according to an article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Changes in hormones can affect various body responses,” including pain tolerance. Maybe reschedule that leg wax or full-body tattoo till later on.

Your Voice Changes At Different Points In Your Menstrual Cycle

So, in totally bat shit crazy stuff, during your period your voice can get deeper. Even drop as much as a few octaves and you may not even notice. This happens more in women who do not take any form of hormonal contraception.

When your estrogen levels, that keep your voice at a higher octave, drop during your period, then your voice will drop in pitch, which usually occurs after you ovulate. Weird am I right?

You Burn More Calories During Your Period

Finally, you guys. Something positive! Did you know when you are on your period you burn more calories? This is because your estrogen and progesterone levels change, which then changes the fluid balance in your kidneys and your blood. Also, because your hormones are at their lowest point during this time, it’s easier to get higher-intensity workouts done because you’re less tired. This also means you recover quicker and burn more calories. Zumba here we come!

You’re Clumsier During Shark Week.

This is probably my favourite one. Mainly because I have the coordination of a drunk baby, so I’m just here happy for any excuse to blame something else. But during your period where your hormones are fluctuating, and your estrogen increases. Your liver produces hormones that affect your kidneys, which causes you to bloat and retain fluid, making it harder for you to stay balanced. I mean, of course, right?

Honestly, this article was wild from start to finish. All the other weird things that happen during our period’s might completely suck. But either way, it proves what warriors women are, and our abilities to cope when all this nuts stuff is happening to us is just phenomenal. To make things easier during the lighter days of your period, why not try some of our leak-free underwear? Check out our range here. 

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