Why Choose Period Underwear?

If you have a light to medium period, leak-free underwear can be one of your best choices for protection. Times are changing and heavy uncomfortable pads – or tampons that need to be inserted – are no longer the only options. Period protection underwear is changing the way we view our monthly visit from the Crimson Tide. Designed to function like normal underwear but with the ability to absorb menstrual flow, there are many benefits to this type of product.

If you are sick of sacrificing your good underwear to leaks and stains. And you want to ditch expensive tampons, liners and pads, it’s time to give period underwear a try. Our Bambody underwear products are super-absorbent, odor-fighting, moisture-wicking, and leak-resistant. These are all the other benefits of using period-underwear.

These Are The Reasons To Choose Period Underwear Over Other Products

Period Underwear Is Cost-Effective

Bambody Leak-free underwear is an extremely cost-effective option, especially in comparison to pads, tampons, and other single-use protection. While the removal of the “tampon tax” has slightly decreased the lifetime cost of disposable menstrual products, most women spend at least $13.25 a month on menstrual products ‒ that’s $6,360 in an average woman’s reproductive lifetime (ages 12-52). Women with a heavy flow will spend even more. 

Whereas, our Bambody products start from $14.90 up to $39.90. But this is a one-off cost. Because we believe that you, and every other woman in the world, deserves protection at a fair price. All our underwear is machine washable and our highest quality products will last for years and years without having to be replaced. 

Choose Period Underwear Because It’s Environmentally-Friendly 

In a time where we are consciously considering our carbon footprint, reusable period protection ticks all the right boxes compared to other products. Most tampons are made of cotton or synthetic rayon, or a combination of both. They also come in plastic wrapping. Pads are typically made of cotton, plastics and other synthetic materials – that’s before the wrapping they come in. 

A 2016 CHOICE study found period underwear has minimal impact on the environment compared to tampons and pads. Those types of disposable products can have a big impact on landfills as every pad takes around 500-800 years to biodegrade. Holy McHorrible for the environment! Aside from landfills, there’s the issue of production: cotton-growing requires pesticides, which pollute waterways. Also, the flushing of tampons, their wrappers and applicators can cause pipes to block and sewage systems to flood.

Leak-Free Underwear Is Comfortable

Our Period underwear is ridiculously comfortable, period. It’s made from bamboo fabric which begins in the bamboo plantations of Southern China. It’s where bamboo grows with wild profusion, requiring no irrigation, herbicides or pesticides- Yay for the environment again!. Bamboo is a remarkable plant: it grows rapidly and has many uses, from food to fabrics and construction. As a fabric, it is incredibly silky smooth and soft. It’s also highly breathable and can wick away sweat 400% faster than cotton.

Wearing our underwear feels like any other high-quality underwear, just with a slightly thicker consistency in the crotch. You’ll never feel self- conscious like you do with pads, they are so lightweight no-one would ever know you’re wearing them. From hipster to high-waist and more, we have styles and colours to suit your personality and occasion.

Choose Period Underwear For No Mess 

There’s something to say about a period product that doesn’t make a mess nor need to be changed because sometimes it’s damn difficult to do so. There are so many situations women find themselves in that don’t make it comfortable or even possible to change their period protection. Whether you find yourself at a residence without a bathroom bin, (or access to a bin at all), or you’re camping, you could be in the middle of a sports game, or for any other reason. Having a product that doesn’t need to be changed and disposed of, can make life that little bit easier. 

Our Undies Are Perspiration and Pong Proof 

We’ve all been there and smelt the whiff of a pad or a tampon that’s been left a little too long. It’s not pleasant. However, our leak-free period protection is perspiration and pong proof. You can bring on the hard workouts and hot days. Or hard workouts on hot days! As mentioned above, the fabric we use is highly breathable and wicks away sweat like it’s no-one’s business. 

Great For Endometriosis & Other Pelvic Issues 

Recently, Emma from the Wiggles came out that she was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 28, having experienced years of crippling pain she assumed was normal, like many other women before her. Though there are several inconvenient and painful symptoms of endometriosis, incontinence, and irregular periods that come out of nowhere are two of the most prominent. Our period underwear are comfortable enough to be worn every day, so they give you protection and peace of mind that if you do get a period out of nowhere, or you do suffer incontinence, you’ll be protected.

So why not choose our period underwear today? Find a product that suits you and your protection needs here!

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